Version 2.0.5 of [Hive Stream]( has been published, and with it comes quite a few improvements and refactoring work. ![Beggars_A_bee_hive_on_a_stream_f81e2212-6e2f-4725-92cc-175102d19bd0.png]( In version 2.0.5 (now published on Npm), the following changes have been made: - **REFACTOR:** There was an issue with the logic for catching up on blocks if you're behind. It was quite slow and clunky. More work needs to be done here to fetch published blocks faster, but it's a start. - **REFACTOR:** Refactored the database adapter abstraction logic. The previous implementation was clunky and wasn't a true abstraction. The contracts were referencing the database instance directly. These are now proper abstractions with a common interface to inherit from numerous database methods. - **FIX:** The test server has been fixed. This allows you to do a test run with Hive Stream (start at specific blocks and parse specific custom JSON) - **REFACTOR:** Updated dependencies in `package.json` to their latest versions. Most notably, Jest. - **FIX:** Fixed a bunch of broken tests and test case logic. - **REFACTOR:** Removed MongoDB in-memory store in favour of stubbing out and mocking the abstraction interfaces themselves. - **FIX:** Fixed a bug where strings were not being escaped in SQLite queries and causing the server to crash if you tried to visit As you can see, this release was largely just fixing bugs and getting tests to work. The next release will feature increased code coverage and speed improvements, probably some more bug fixes, and the tests will grow and discover them. To install the latest version, run the following: `npm install hive-stream` to install the package. ---- Feedback, help or user contributions are always welcomed over on the [Hive Stream GitHub repository]( Don't be shy if you see room for improvement or encounter an issue. Until next time.

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