As I’m currently travelling, I’ll keep this short. Apologies for any weird grammar, I’m writing this post on a tablet. Hard fork 27 has been released for Hive witness, seed, and rpc nodes - which fixes a bug in the witness scheduler, so that backup witnesses are scheduled normally as they were in HF25. I believe the HF triggers on Monday 24 Oct, but I’m not sure what time. Since I’m not at home, my backup admin has built and published the HF27 docker build for HIAB servers, so you can easily upgrade your servers. No replay is required, as it’s a minor update (treated as a HF due to consensus changes) - so you can simply install and restart: ``` ./ install ./ restart ``` If you have a @privex Hive Node-in-a-box server - as no replay is required, you can simply install and restart as shown above, but if you have problems, we’ll be updating our templates soon, so it’ll be possible to do a standard reinstall to upgrade to HF27. Thanks for reading! If you like what I do, please [vote for me as a witness](! :)

See: Hive HF27 has been released for HIAB - please update (Hive-in-a-box update info) by @someguy123