Would like to share one of my open source tools I developed a few months back. I usually have these sudden ideas out of nowhere about some ***possibly useful*** fun tools and projects. Most of the time it just stays in my *mind palace*.. uhm, but well, sometimes they are lucky & get turned into the ***indefinite unfinished projects***. Anyways here's something that I've developed which could be useful for some individuals that like to mess & experiment with custom_jsons..
**JSON Doctor** is a simple, open source tool that allows you to broadcast custom_json operations on hive blockchain. Website: https://jsondoctor.github.io/ Source Code: https://github.com/ali-h/jsonDoctor Custom JSONs are awesome, they can be used to store data on blockchain to build a 2nd layer d-app. Since they are mostly used in development cases there isn't a single UI (in my knowledge) that lets you broadcast a ***"custom" json***, so to even learn about it you have to write some code, import some library to work with. So here I have a front-end that can be used to broadcast any valid JSON on the blockchain with active/posting authority. You can use it with ***Hive Keychain*** or entering your private key (not suggested). It also has some JSON templates to play with which includes hive-engine and blog operations (follow/unfollow). This can also act like your gateway to interact with 2nd layers when a certain front-end is down or not accessible. For Example Transferring Hive-Engine tokens.
I got with this really techy kinda theme, don't know how it came to my mind but I like like it! *I like raw themes*.
There are also some options like changing the Auth type & RPC endpoint. It has a Log window that logs every change and transaction status.
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--- I usually use it when I'm testing a script that streams blockchain for specific custom JSONs, it helps avoid writing and running a separate script to broadcast. I had plans to include a json stream too but got very busy with other ~ ***side projects*** ~ so skipped on further development. maybe sometime later. If you've got something to include please [fork the GitHub repository](https://github.com/jsondoctor/jsondoctor.github.io/network/members) and open a PR. Thanks a lot! Feedback is appreciated. ## Contact me ^^ [Hive Profile](https://hive.blog/@ali-h) [GitHub Profile](https://github.com/ali-h) [Discord: Ali H#7057](https://discord.com/app)

See: JSON DOCTOR - An open source tool for broadcasting custom_json operations on hive by @ali-h