We have opensourced Hivesearcher website earlier today and pushed some documentation improvements.
Website is written in reactjs and python. Although structure of website is quite simple, we think opensourcing website just like hivesearcher hivemind plugin would allow more development contribution and transparency on how things work. If you are developer, feel free to checkout source code and contribute. https://github.com/ecency/hivesearcher Website also include some neat features which we didn't announce before. You can embed hivesearcher with iframe into your website. So any website potentially can integrate hivesearcher without API key as well. Getting API key is completely free, so if you are willing to create your own search user interface then API key approach is best. Embedding option is only for those who have limited programming skills or who has wordpress blogs where can easily embed iframe search functionality. Updated documentation page with more examples and information. In future, we plan to have interactive style documentation so it is much easier to test before integrating. Also document iframe usage and showcase integrated dapps. ## Are you dapp developer? [Integrate Hivesearcher](https://ecency.com/hive-139531/@good-karma/hivesearcher-free-integrate-it-into-your-hive-apps) into your app and offer best search, discovery experience to your users. --- - Source website: https://github.com/ecency/hivesearcher - Source plugin: https://github.com/ecency/hive2elastic

See: Hivesearcher website opensourced by @good-karma