Thank you everyone for your [support on Hivesigner proposal]( We are almost in range of approved proposals. If you haven't voted, please consider approving proposal to help us make Hivesigner better.
## Recent updates Some updates if you have missed recent developments related to Hivesigner: * [Hivesigner Python Client]( released thanks to @emrebeyler for his awesome job and contribution. Consider voting for his witness! * [Hivesigner wiki updated](, we are in process of unifying all documentation via github so that website can mirror and guide developers. Integrating Hivesigner OAuth is quite simple but with proper documentation it can help even new developers to start developing on Blockchain/Hive. * Earlier today, we pushed new release that changes some links and fixes few bugs related to dhive. Chrome/Brave extension update is submitted for review, should be available soon. Today, in effort to help onboarding more developers and new apps on Hive, we are introducing [Interactive Hive API explorer]( * Visit to try out Hive API directly on your browser. * It is [opensource](, if you find bugs or want to contribute, feel free to create pull request or [report issues on github]( It has search field to find relevant APIs quickly, some queries have default values so results can be fetched with single click, I believe it is very convenient for developers to get started. Check it out! Simply studying Hive API + Hivesigner API, you can start building decentralized apps in matter of hours. ## Buidl on! # Support proposal - [Vote for Hivesigner Proposal]( - HiveDao: - PeakD: - HiveBlog Wallet: - Discord: - [Github roadmap thread](

See: Interactive Hive API moved to Hivesigner by @good-karma