![](https://i.imgur.com/uvz44bF.png) Yesterday I put HiveSQL's infrastructure under maintenance for a [major upgrade](/@arcange/hivesql-maintenance-202204). I would have liked this one to last less long but there were some last-minute unforeseen events. Fortunately, I warned about its unavailability for a whole day, a well-advised caution. The upgrade is now complete and HiveSQL is back alive and kicking! ### Brand new hardware HiveSQL runs maintenance on brand new, latest-generation hardware, with better performances. More importantly, it now has double the storage space. Since the database currently contains information for 6 years of activity, it should be ready for the next 6 years unless the blockchain activity skyrockets, something I can only wish for. ### HiveSQL is back! HiveSQL is back and all apps and processes relying on it running are fully operational again. For those who use it, enjoy your favorite tool! ---
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See: HiveSQL Infrastructure Upgrade Complete by @arcange