![](https://i.imgur.com/rq7Ab3K.png) Promises are made to be kept! HiveSQL's proposal mentioned the creation of documentation and tutorials. Here is finally the culmination of a long work that I undertook several weeks ago: the [HiveSQL documentation](https://docs.hivesql.io). After many tests with different documentation solutions, my choice finally fell on gitbooks which, in my opinion, offer a lot of flexibility, both in terms of content editing and maintenance. TL;DR: HiveSQL documentation can be found at **https://docs.hivesql.io** ### What's in it? First, there is general information on * what is HiveSQL. * how to access it. * how to get support. Things that current HiveSQL users are already used to. You will then find more technical information such as: * a [database diagram](https://docs.hivesql.io/technical-informations/database-diagram) * an exhaustive list of all available tables * a description for each table's column Yes, you read it well: for all operations, virtual operations and state tables, each column of each table is described. This should interest many developers, even if they do not use Hiveql. The documentation describes: * [Operations](https://docs.hivesql.io/technical-informations/operations) * [Virtual Operations](https://docs.hivesql.io/technical-informations/virtual-operations) * [State tables](https://docs.hivesql.io/technical-informations/state-tables) like Accounts and Comments It also describes how to use HiveSQL exclusive features like [Full-Text Search](https://docs.hivesql.io/technical-informations/full-text-search) and [Language Detection](https://docs.hivesql.io/technical-informations/language-detection). The documentation also contains various tutorials for developers, notably PHP, Python, Ruby and even for Microsoft Excel users. More to come. ### Other Resources I also searched the blockchain to find the various posts that have been written about HiveSQL. So I grouped the links to these different posts on a resource page to make it easier for you to find them. If you have made a post that deserves to appear there, do not hesitate to contact me as well. ### What's next? There is still room to improve this documentation. I am thinking about examples of complex queries, more detailed information on the blockchain content and operations. Some of the tutorials provided are quite rudimentary. I plan to improve them too. Do not hesitate to contact me if you want to add your contribution. But I first wish to have your feedback on its current state before going further. Feel free to use the HiveSQL [Discord](https://discord.gg/kyEFDfT) channel to report typos or make suggestions. ### One last word Thank you to @inertia for the amazing work he did with the [Hive Developer Documentation](https://developers.hive.io) from which I borrowed a few sentences. I truly believe that both documentations are complementary resources and that they will help everyone, developers and non-developers, to understand the content and organization of our blockchain. The HiveSQL Documentation is available at **https://docs.hivesql.io** --- ####
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