![](https://i.imgur.com/FE9D32t.png) I am finalizing a consequent work I started weeks ago to create the HiveSQL documentation, which should be available soon. While performing this job, I realized that the database was missing a few Virtual Operations tables. Therefore, I hastened to add them so that the database content is as complete as possible. ### What new? Two new tables are now available: **VOClearNullAccountBalances** This table contains virtual operations created by the blockchain when the @null account balances need to be zeroed. |Column|Description| |-|-| |total_cleared|a JSON array with the assets that have been burned| **VOSPSConverts** This table contains virtual operations issued when a Proposals Fund (DHF) conversion from HIVE to HBD occurs. |Column|Description| |-|-| |fund_account|DHF account| |hive_amount_in|amount of HIVE burned| |hbd_amount_out|amount of HBD created| **VODelayedVotings** This table contains virtual operations issued when newly powered up VESTS (Hive Power) become counted towards witnesses and DHF proposals votes (after a 30 days delay is complete - HF24). |Column|Description| |-|-| |voter|account who performed a power-up and whose votes will be impacted| |votes|amount of additional VESTS to take into account for votes| ### What else? **
I made a major change
** to the `TxCustoms` table which contains all the `custom_json` operation broadcasted to the blockchain. Its `json_metadata` column has been renamed to `json` to match the blockchain field name (and because it does not contain "metadata"). However, in order not to break (d)Apps and processes that currently use `json_metadata`, **the two column [names] will stay available for another month**. This will give applications ample time to adapt. After that, `json_metadata` will be permanently removed. ## Support If you have any questions or remarks, support is provided on the [HiveSQL Discord Channel](https://discord.gg/kyEFDfT). Thank you for reading. --- **Let's keep HiveSQL free to use - Support its proposals**! |HiveSQL|HiveBuzz| |-|-| |[Vote for the proposal on PeakD](https://peakd.com/me/proposals/138)
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See: HiveSQL Upate - New Virtual Operation tables by @arcange