![](https://i.imgur.com/FE9D32t.png) The concept of [decentralized blacklists and mutes lists](/hive-102930/@blocktrades/hive-improvement-proposal-decentralize-blacklists-on-hive) was introduced by @blocktrades some time ago. These lists are recorded in the blockchain as `custom_json` operations, which makes them hard to track given the large number of such operations issued each day. Therefore, I created additional tables to make life easier for those who would be interested in such information. ### What's new? Four new "state" tables have been added to the database. State tables do not store transactions but reflect the result of operations recorded in the blockchain. **Blacklists** Blacklists allow anyone to construct a set of blacklisted users and allow each user to use one or more blacklists created by others. Blacklisting an account implies the blacklister thinks the account is doing something wrong, and is intended to be used as a way to warn others that he thinks they should be careful when dealing with that account. |Column|Description| |-|-| |blacklister|account owning the blacklist| |blasklisted|account being blacklisted| **BlacklistsFollows** This table contains a list of accounts following other account's blacklist. |Column|Description| |-|-| |account|account following a blacklist| |blacklist|account who created a blacklist| **Mutes** Mutes lists allow anyone to construct a set of users and allow each user to use one or more mute lists created by others. Muting an account means one doesn’t want to see the account’s posts and comments. Most frontends honor muting by preventing those posts from being displayed when its users view the site. |Column|Description| |-|-| |muter|account owning the mutes list| |muted|account being muted| **MutesFollows** This table contains a list of account following other account's mutes list |Column|Description| |-|-| |account|account following a mutes list| |mutelist|account who created a mutes list| ### What else? **Support for reblogs deletion** Hivemind has recently added support for undoing Reblogs. This allows users to remove old reblogs they don't want to appear on their feed or posts they mistakenly reblogged. HiveSQL will also manage such operations and remove related entries from its `Reblogs` state table. ## Support If you have any questions or remarks, support is provided on the [HiveSQL Discord Channel](https://discord.gg/kyEFDfT). Thank you for reading. --- **Let's keep HiveSQL free to use - Support its proposals**! |HiveSQL|HiveBuzz| |-|-| |[Vote for the proposal on PeakD](https://peakd.com/me/proposals/138)
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See: HiveSQL Upate - New Blacklists and Mutes tables by @arcange