![](https://i.imgur.com/HbmjGRG.png) Every day, HiveSQL provides its services to dozens of users and (d)Apps that hammer the server with thousands of queries. At the same time, it also has to process all the new blocks, split the data into different tables, update indexes, update non-transactional tables, etc… **HiveSQL is close to real-time synced with the blockchain** for transactional tables. But with all this work to do and the ever-growing number of transactions per day, it sometimes happens that it struggles a bit to sustain the pace, especially when it has to process some resource-intensive queries at peak time. So, it can sometimes happen that HiveSQL is a little late by a few seconds on the blockchain. ### How to check if HiveSQL in sync with the blockchain? To enable users to monitor HiveSQL, I created a new [HiveSQL status page](https://hivesql/status). The page is available from [HiveSQL website](https://hivesql.io) or using the following link: **https://hivesql.io/status** The page will display the following information: ![](https://i.imgur.com/PyJqK0W.png) * The status of the server: ***Online:*** the server is running and available for users to issue queries ***Offline:*** the server has been shut down for maintenance * The last irreversible block number from the blockchain * The last block number in the database * The sync difference between the blockchain and the database ### Detailed tables information The status page will also display some information for each table into the database: * the name of the table * the number of rows into the table * the size of the table (data + indexes) This will give you a good idea of the amount of data HiveSQL has to manage (more than 2TB as of today) and how many rows each table contains. As you will see, some tables contain several hundred million records. The `Transactions` table even contains **over 1.365 billion rows**! This is why it is important to carefully write your SQL queries and optimize them. It is a subject on which I will come back later. Meantime, enjoy this new monitoring tool. ## Support If you have any questions or remarks, support is provided on the [HiveSQL Discord Channel](https://discord.gg/kyEFDfT). Thank you for reading. --- **Let's keep HiveSQL free to use - Support its proposals**! |HiveSQL|HiveBuzz| |-|-| |[Vote for the proposal on PeakD](https://peakd.com/me/proposals/138)
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