The Hive blockchain is alive! Congratulations to all the hard workers who lately have been working night and day to make our beloved blockchain decentralized again. I am happy to announce that HiveSQL, a publicly available SQL database with all the blockchain data, is now available, in synch with the Hive blockchain and ready to support the many (d)Apps and analysts that rely on it. ### Better performances and ready for the future Icing on the cake, HiveSQL benefits from a whole new infrastructure that is even more efficient. Memory and storage capacity have been **doubled** and computing capacity has also been increased. HiveSQL is now ready to face the future and the most demanding users! ### What about SteemSQL? SteemSQL will continue to run at least until the end of the month, longer if active subscriptions cover the costs of its infrastructure. This will allow those who wish to see what is going on in the old Steem world. ### What about subscriptions The existing SteemSQL subscriptions have **NOT** been carried over to Hive. It was too much hassle to handle that in addition to creating and migrating everything to the new infrastructure. However, they are only active on SteemSQL. To allow you to get started on Hive as quickly as possible and set up your applications and processes, all users who had an active subscription will receive a **one day free subscription**. Check your wallet for your **new** credentials. The subscription creation and renewal process is the same as before and use the new **HBD** token. ### More information coming soon A new website for HiveSQL has been created at https://hivesql.io but it is still in its raw state. I will update it as soon as possible and all the information concerning HiveSQL will be published there. You can also subscribe want to the [HiveSQL community](/c/hive-146513) to stay updated That’s all for today. The last few days have been tough and I need some sleep now. **Enjoy your new decentralized blockchain and its tools** Hive is alive! --- ###
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See: HiveSQL is ready with all the Hive blockchain data by @arcange