This is a version bump and should not adversely affect existing applications that use the `hive-ruby` gem. Changes are focused on performance improvements to `Hive::Stream` subroutines. The main change is that we no longer have to rely on `json-rpc-batch` to stream blocks. Prior to this change, if the API node supported batched requests, it would ask for up to 50 blocks using [this published standard]( But not all API endpoints supported the standard. In HF24, we got the [`block_api.get_block_range`]( method. And although not all endpoints support this method, it's much more supported than `json-rpc-batch`. Hive Ruby will try whatever the endpoint will provide, starting with `get_block_range`, then `json-rpc-batch`, and then just fall back on non-batched requests. In addition to this new method, if you area streaming virtual operations, Hive Ruby will now use [`account_history_api.enum_virtual_ops`]( (if supported). This will improve performance and reliability, even when streaming virtual operations from the head block. See rev.: [94142bc]( To update your application: ```bash bundle update hive-ruby ``` See previous `hive-ruby` posts: [](

See: Ruby Client for Hive: hive-ruby-1.0.3 by @inertia