I just started brand new instance of a public Hive testnet based on `v1.25.0rc2` https://gitlab.syncad.com/hive/hive/-/tags/v1.25.0rc2 Re-initialization was needed due to changes in governance voting rules (rc1 would fork, because different rules impacts witness schedule): ``` witness.owner == scheduled_witness: Witness produced block at wrong time {"block witness":"gtg-rc1-10","scheduled":"gtg-rc1-13","slot_num":1} database.cpp:4838 validate_block_header ``` Unless your account was created very recently, you should be able to participate in the testnet using your own mainnet account and keys (though please be careful, if you leak your key during testnet, your mainnet account will be compromised) To get some tokens for testing you can use https://hivetestnetfaucet.org/ created by @howo or reach out to witnesses using your favorite communication channels such as https://openhive.chat ;-) - Hive testnet chain-id: `18dcf0a285365fc58b71f18b3d3fec954aa0c141c44e4e5cb4cf777b9eab274e` - Hive seed node: `p2p-seed-node = testnet.openhive.network:2001` - API endpoint (via jussi): `https://testnet.openhive.network` - Hive Testnet Condenser instance: https://testblog.openhive.network - Hive Testnet Wallet instance: https://testwallet.openhive.network - Binaries: https://gtg.openhive.network/get/testnet/bin/ - hived direct http server `http://testnet.openhive.network:8091` - hived direct websocket server `ws://testnet.openhive.network:8090` - hivemind server direct server `http://testnet.openhive.network:8080` To join testnet with your hived, you need a testnet-enabled version, which you can get from here: https://gtg.openhive.network/get/testnet/bin or build yourself (as usual plus `-DBUILD_HIVE_TESTNET=ON` during cmake step) ## See also CyberBuzz Radio is LIVE: Community Q&A For the Upcoming Hive Blockchain Hardfork:
(@hbdstabilizer as 50% beneficiary)

See: HF25 Public Testnet Reloaded (RC2) by @gtg