This is a back-of-the-envelope-notes kind of a thread, so don't expect high quality write-ups here. For this reason 50% beneficiary for top level post and 100% of my comments here are going to be set to ~~@hbd.funder~~ @hbdstabilizer (pretty much the same, former sends to latter, idea is same) I encourage all who comment to do the same so we can push up the most relevant content while giving profits for entire platform as a side effect. Although, of course it is meant to be very useful for all that wish to participate in testing the brand new Hive. On Wednesday I've started a public Hive testnet based on `v1.25.0rc1` Many thanks to @inertia for his tinman, that let me easily import mainnet accounts with their original keys, which in turn makes it much, much easier for every Hive user to participate in testing. For now it's just a seed node with default Hive testnet chain-id, but of course it's going to be powered by many other usual components such as hivemind, jussi (and thus fully featured API node), condenser, block explorer, etc. Anyone can run their own testnet instance and/or join this public one. `p2p-seed-node =` To join testnet with your hived, you need a testnet-enabled version, which you can get from here: or build yourself (as usual plus `-DBUILD_HIVE_TESTNET=ON` during cmake step) ###### Bonus: a piece of art
![Frunk Full of Hive](
Handcrafted Hive logo courtesy of @thenoy, background courtesy of Elon Musk and Franz von Holzhausen ;-) Stay tuned for updates and upgrades.

See: HF25 Public Testnet (RC1) by @gtg