![](https://s3.amazonaws.com/beskar-media-bucket-dev/d4a2a5fc-e634-4543-b58f-f89977b36f54) --- Greetings #Hivers, you might have already noticed it: the #Hive logo has been finally added to [FontAwesome.com](https://fontawesome.com/icons/hive), paid via the #DHF! (Proposal: https://peakd.com/dhf/@therealwolf/proposal-fontawesome-hive-logo-branding) I want to thank @blocktrades for his major and crucial help in getting this done! To see it in action, I've taken the honour and implemented the shiny new FontAwesome Hive logo into hive.io. https://gitlab.syncad.com/hive/hive-io/-/blob/master/src/plugins/fontawesome.ts#L16 The code snippet also shows how easy it is. Which means: there are really no excuses to not exclude the Hive logo *everywhere*! 😜 With this said: #Hive on! *Wolf*..

See: Hive is finally on FontAwesome! by @therealwolf