![](https://i.imgur.com/AfCDEnX.jpg) *"A hackathon (also known as a hack day, hackfest or codefest; a portmanteau of hacking marathon) is a design sprint-like event; often, in which computer programmers and others involved in software development, including graphic designers, interface designers, project managers, domain experts, and others collaborate intensively on software projects."* -Wikipedia **Do I have your attention?** Hive has shown we can build something amazing without a centralized organization calling all the shots. In fact, Hive was the first successful Steem hard fork without downtime in years. I am extremely excited about the future of Hive and it has given me hope where there was just despair. # Introducing the first-ever Hive Hackathon **Here's the deal.** You will have two weeks (14 days) to complete an exclusive project for Hive. Your project can be anything that benefits the Hive ecosystem. The top three entries will win a portion of the total reward pool based on their position: * First Place 50% * Second Place 30% * Third Place 20% If you want to contribute to the reward pool, send a transfer of Hive (no HBD please) to @prizepool and the amount will be added to the reward pool and 100% will be distributed to the winners and this post will be updated. The current reward pool is 12623.37 Hive with the following donations: @themarkymark - 1,000 Hive @innerhive - 1,000 Hive @theycallmedan - 5,000 Hive @steemychicken1 - 1,000 Hive @liondani - 1,000 Hive @yabapmatt - 1,000 Hive @peakd - 2,000 Hive @originate - 150 Hive @memehub - 100 Hive @taskmaster4450 - 250 Hive @slider2990 - 25 Hive @klye - 13.370 Hive @fw206 - 25 Hive @circa - 20 Hive @torrey.blog - 40 Hive Quality posts related to the hackathon using the tag #hackathon may receive upvotes so be sure to provide updates when you have something cool to share. You are free to keep your project secret until the deadline. Your project must be publicly revealed prior to the end of the deadline to be eligible. I have created a #hackathon-discussion channel on the [STEMGeeks Discord](https://discord.gg/hc4xjwA). # Deadline This hackathon runs for **2 weeks** and will end on May 16th, 2020 at 10:00 AM UTC. # Rules There are some rules that must be followed to be eligible. These rules will be strictly enforced, with no exceptions. Plan accordingly. * All projects must be **open source** and provide a **public repo**. * All projects must be unique and your own work, you are free to use only open source elements and your own code to build your project. * Any third-party code/libraries used should be mentioned in your entry. * Your project must be exclusive to Hive. * Your project must be new and have started after the release of this post. * You can work in teams and I can split the prize between team members if requested. * The deadline is firm and submitting your entry even a second later will disqualify you. Pay attention to the deadline and plan accordingly. * You must submit a post with your entry in the #hackathon-entries channel in the [STEMGeeks Discord](https://discord.gg/mUbak9f). Please use this channel only for submitting entries. Do not overly concern yourself with design and aesthetics, the most important thing is how useful your project is to the community. Design and aesthetics can be added later. That being said, good design and aesthetics may impact your score. **If you don't have design and aesthetics, make sure your usability and creativity make up for it.** You can use the [Hive Brand Assets](https://hive.io/brand) to help with color palette and logos. # Judging The length of time to pick winners will depend on how many entries and may take up to a week or longer. I will provide updates if I need more time to decide on the winners. Each entry will be scored based on these metrics: * Originality * Creativity * Functionality * Usefulness # How to Enter All entries need to make a post on Hive with the tag #hackathon with the following information. * Description of Project and the problem it solves * Link to a public git repo on Github or Gitlab * Link to live project * [Optional] Video showing the project in action. **You must drop a link to your post in #hackathon-entries channel in the [STEMGeeks Discord](https://discord.gg/hc4xjwA) to be considered.** It is recommended to use the #technology tag so you can also be featured on [STEMGeeks](https://stemgeeks.net) and be eligible for **STEM** rewards. # UPDATES #### Q&A It was asked if third party repositories can be used. I have no problem with using libraries and other code resources as long as they are open-source, but it got thinking I should add a new rule. I would like to have all third party resources mentioned in your final entry post. #### New Rule Addded * Any third-party code/libraries used should be mentioned in your entry. Image Sources: [1](https://medium.com/hackathons-anonymous/wtf-is-a-hackathon-92668579601)

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