![](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/engrave/IHxPwBD1-hiveprojects_update.png) # What is [Hive Projects](https://hiveprojects.io)? [Hive Projects](https://hiveprojects.io) is the biggest directory of apps, sites, tools, and scripts created for the Hive ecosystem. This website is an entirely volunteer-driven effort. That includes coding time and hosting costs. If you wish to help or show your gratitude, there are plenty of ways in which you can do that: * upvote this post * reblog or cross-post it into your favorite community * contribute to HiveProjects, by adding a new project - everyone can do it! * let us know about new project, by posting about it in [Hive Projects Community](https://peakd.com/c/hive-192847) or by cross-posting to it or simply paste us a link at [Engrave Discord server](https://discord.gg/8NktdFh) * vote for our @engrave witness * write a comment :) *** Previous post: [Hive Projects weekly update: 5 projects added, 146 listed in total!](/@engrave/hiveprojects-weekly-update-2021-09-25-03842) *** # Newly added projects ## Hive-Tube **Team:** @agorise ![](https://hiveprojects.io/media/imgs/156/1633172515509.png) **Category:** [Other](https://hiveprojects.io/categories/other/) **Description:** *Hive-Tube is a Peertube plugin that allows you to start earning cryptos every 3 seconds.* [Hive-Tube on HiveProjects.io](https://hiveprojects.io/projects/p/hive-tube/) ## Hive Analytics **Team:** @eroche ![](https://hiveprojects.io/media/imgs/154/1632688317038.PNG) **Category:** [Other](https://hiveprojects.io/categories/other/) **Description:** *Would you like to know how many of your followers are active? How many are voting on a regular basis? Explore various stats of the Hive Blockchain with Hive Analytics.* [Hive Analytics on HiveProjects.io](https://hiveprojects.io/projects/p/hive-analytics/) ## Heart Flowers **Team:** @heartflowers.app, @hive-1111111, @mirafun ![](https://hiveprojects.io/media/imgs/155/1632766152555.png) **Category:** [Games](https://hiveprojects.io/categories/games/) **Description:** *Heart Flowers, is a decentralized game where you grow heart flowers daily. Rewards are distributed transparently by chain itself.* [Heart Flowers on HiveProjects.io](https://hiveprojects.io/projects/p/heart-flowers/) ***
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