![](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/engrave/IHxPwBD1-hiveprojects_update.png) # What is [Hive Projects](https://hiveprojects.io)? [Hive Projects](https://hiveprojects.io) is the biggest directory of apps, sites, tools, and scripts created for the Hive ecosystem. This website is an entirely volunteer-driven effort. That includes coding time and hosting costs. If you wish to help or show your gratitude, there are plenty of ways in which you can do that: * upvote this post * reblog or cross-post it into your favorite community * contribute to HiveProjects, by adding a new project - everyone can do it! * let us know about new project, by posting about it in [Hive Projects Community](https://peakd.com/c/hive-192847) or by cross-posting to it or simply paste us a link at [Engrave Discord server](https://discord.gg/8NktdFh) * vote for our @engrave witness * write a comment :) *** Previous post: [Hive Projects weekly update: 4 projects added, 135 listed in total!](/@engrave/hiveprojects-weekly-update-2021-09-10-22216) *** # Newly added projects ## Podping on Hive **Team:** @alecksgates, @brianoflondon ![](https://hiveprojects.io/media/imgs/147/1631651040822.png) **Category:** [Other](https://hiveprojects.io/categories/other/) **Description:** *Podping is an alternative to WebSub for the open, RSS based podcasting ecosystem that allows for rapid, global notification of podcast feed updates. Using the Hive blockchain, Podping allows a wide variety of Podcast Hosting platforms to send out instant notification that a Podcast feed has changed. Podcast subscribing indexes and apps can then re-poll only the RSS feeds which have changed, eliminating periodic polling.* [Podping on Hive on HiveProjects.io](https://hiveprojects.io/projects/p/podping-on-hive/) ## Pizzabot **Team:** @hivetrending, @thebeardflex ![](https://hiveprojects.io/media/imgs/142/1631650440904.png) **Category:** [Bots](https://hiveprojects.io/categories/bots/) **Description:** *Bot for tipping Hive-Engine tokens in Hive comments.* [Pizzabot on HiveProjects.io](https://hiveprojects.io/projects/p/pizzabot/) ## Pizza Discord Bot **Team:** @stickupboys, @hivetrending, @thebeardflex ![](https://hiveprojects.io/media/imgs/143/1631649386699.png) **Category:** [Bots](https://hiveprojects.io/categories/bots/) **Description:** *Discord bot with commands or querying Hive-Engine token market information and CoinGecko coin information. Includes a rich set of Gifs created by @stickupboys. Brought to you by Hive Pizza Team.* [Pizza Discord Bot on HiveProjects.io](https://hiveprojects.io/projects/p/pizza-discord-bot/) ## RandomHive **Team:** @thebeardflex, @hivetrending ![](https://hiveprojects.io/media/imgs/146/1631480677399.png) **Category:** [Specialized Hive Interfaces](https://hiveprojects.io/categories/specialized-hive-interfaces/) **Description:** *Read a random, recently-published Hive blog post.* [RandomHive on HiveProjects.io](https://hiveprojects.io/projects/p/randomhive/) ## Hive Is Beautiful **Team:** @thebeardflex, @hivetrending ![](https://hiveprojects.io/media/imgs/145/1631480304909.png) **Category:** [Block explorers](https://hiveprojects.io/categories/block-explorers/) **Description:** *Visualize Hive block contents in real-time. Explore any block in the chain and watch the blocks stream. See what kind of transactions and apps are in each block. Brought to you by the Hive Pizza Team.* [Hive Is Beautiful on HiveProjects.io](https://hiveprojects.io/projects/p/hive-is-beautiful/) ## Hive dApp Menu **Team:** @hivetrending, @thebeardflex ![](https://hiveprojects.io/media/imgs/144/1631466921493.png) **Category:** [Other](https://hiveprojects.io/categories/other/) **Description:** *Browser extension with menu of various Hive dapps to simplify navigation between apps and to help new users discover other apps in the ecosystem. Hive Menu saves your favorites and recently visited Hive apps so you can quickly find them again.* [Hive dApp Menu on HiveProjects.io](https://hiveprojects.io/projects/p/hive-dapp-menu/) ***
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