![](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/engrave/IHxPwBD1-hiveprojects_update.png) # What is [Hive Projects](https://hiveprojects.io)? [Hive Projects](https://hiveprojects.io) is the biggest directory of apps, sites, tools, and scripts created for the Hive ecosystem. This website is an entirely volunteer-driven effort. That includes coding time and hosting costs. If you wish to help or show your gratitude, there are plenty of ways in which you can do that: * upvote this post * reblog or cross-post it into your favorite community * contribute to HiveProjects, by adding a new project - everyone can do it! * let us know about new project, by posting about it in [Hive Projects Community](https://peakd.com/c/hive-192847) or by cross-posting to it or simply paste us a link at [Engrave Discord server](https://discord.gg/8NktdFh) * vote for our @engrave witness * write a comment :) *** Previous post: [Hive Projects weekly update: 4 projects added, 126 listed in total!](/@engrave/hiveprojects-weekly-update-2021-03-06-13937) *** # Newly added projects All published projects were moderated and accepted by our **Content Manager** @lukmarcus, who works hard to make [Hive Projects](https://hiveprojects.io) the best and most up-to-date directory of tools and apps in our ecosystem. The entire reward from this post goes to him. ## PizzaBox **Team:** @thebeardflex, @hivetrending ![](https://hiveprojects.io/media/imgs/136/1623453852443.png) **Category:** [Bots](https://hiveprojects.io/categories/bots/) **Description:** *HIVE tailored community Discord Bot focused around awareness and onboarding. Provides moderation tools for use by communities both on and off chain. Ban, Kick, Mute, Sticky, Slowmo, Lock Channel, Purge, Music Player, Ticket System etc. Giveaways Market information for second-layer Hive-Engine tokens HIVE market information Mini-games HIVE onboarding tools/tutorials. Some commands will be customizable per guild they exist in.* [PizzaBox on HiveProjects.io](https://hiveprojects.io/projects/p/pizzabox/) ## Beatzchain **Team:** @polarmystro, @lamarz7 ![](https://hiveprojects.io/media/imgs/134/1618985842320.png) **Category:** [Generic Hive Interfaces](https://hiveprojects.io/categories/generic-hive-interfaces/) **Description:** *Beatzchain project will be a platform that would run on the Hive Blockchain that would serve for Rappers and music producers. Beatzchain wants to change the Hip-Hop world with a network rap musicians can earn cryptocurrencies through Hive, Music producers can buy/sell beats, and rappers can use crypto to purchase beats including the ones they've earned through the Hive Blockchain. We would like to start an NFT exchange for rappers and producers called "Hip-Hop Stocks" where musicians can create music NFTs with their songs/beats and buyers could benefit off the equity appreciation. The goal is to give unsigned, independent, and major artists a better financial system for musicians where everyone with good talent who put the work in can sit by the table together.* [Beatzchain on HiveProjects.io](https://hiveprojects.io/projects/p/beatzchain/) ## Hive Chain Documentation **Team:** @inertia ![](https://hiveprojects.io/media/imgs/133/1615696720345.png) **Category:** [Programming Tools](https://hiveprojects.io/categories/programming-tools/) **Description:** *Your resource for various levels of Hive Documentation.* [Hive Chain Documentation on HiveProjects.io](https://hiveprojects.io/projects/p/hive-chain-documentation/) ## Votify **Team:** @dannychain ![](https://hiveprojects.io/media/imgs/132/1615069673826.png) **Category:** [Witness Tools](https://hiveprojects.io/categories/witness-tools/) **Description:** *An Open Source Voting Page for Hive-Engine Witnesses* [Votify on HiveProjects.io](https://hiveprojects.io/projects/p/votify/) ## Karaka **Team:** ![](https://hiveprojects.io/media/imgs/135/1619983488995.png) **Category:** [Bots](https://hiveprojects.io/categories/bots/) **Description:** *Karaka is an automation (clerk) for Hive and Hive-Engine blockchains. Use it to manage tokens across multiple accounts.* [Karaka on HiveProjects.io](https://hiveprojects.io/projects/p/karaka/) ***
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