Another crucial package has been rewritten to Typescript. Render helper is what powers Ecency mobile, desktop and website content rendering. We created it 2 years ago to make sure content rendering is same across multiple apps we write (mobile app, desktop app and website) as well as across multiple devices. ![ecency-render-helper-markdown-to-html]( When we designed it, we had few things in mind, separate package that's easily maintainable, configurable image formatting and less repetitive work. Rewrite helps us to make consistent improvements with less bugs. One thing we noticed for sure is **performance increase** especially on mobile app, soon new release of mobile app will include this improvements. Few apps already using render helper to power their apps as well. If your app does markdown rendering, check it out. I am sure you will find it very useful and perhaps you will want to contribute to it in some ways. There are [couple things we want to add]( like **markdown to jsx** that would take library to next level for Reactjs apps, content change would not re-render entire body but small portion of it. We could use some help if you are familiar with this otherwise, it is in our long list of todos. Source code: Package: All this is too technical?! In short for end-user benefits are faster and unified content rendering. ### [Website]( / [Desktop app]( / [iOS app]( / [Android app]( --- ### Support Ecency, [check our proposal]( Ecency: Hivesigner: [Vote for Proposal](

See: Render helper rewritten in Typescript by @ecency