Here are my recent development contributions to some of apps of the Hive community. ## Condenser: Fix to social tab breaking the website The previous implementation of the badges on the Social tab contained a bug: when the API was failing, it was also breaking the website. This fix allows a graceful handling of API errors: Issue raised by @blocktrades: Pull request: ## Wallet: show more up to 200 witnesses on the official witnesses page This is not a recent work (not that old though) but it has been recently been deployed. Additionally to showing the owner(s) of a witness account, the [official Hive Witnesses page]( is now listing more than 100 witnesses with the following filters: - the first 100 witnesses are not filtered - the next 200 witnesses are filtered, only active witnesses are shown. This filter is to reduce noise. This however, allowed all active witnesses to be listed. For a full list that includes all disabled witnesses, you can always use third party tools such as [Hive Kings]( by @drakos Warm welcome to the following witnesses into the offical list: @jamzed @dmitrydao @apshamilton @kristall97 @lapingvino @elindos @hagie @lootkit.witness @whiterosecoffee @veteranforcrypto @dpoll.witness @pcste Pull request: ## Keychain: Fix idle lock The original implementation of the idle lock from [Hive Keychain]( was locking the [Chrome Extension]( every 10 minutes regardless of if you were actually idle on the computer or not. This fix will make it lock when: - the computer is locked - or the user is idled (as per OS preferrences) Issue raised by @themarkymark: Pull request: ## Keychain: Export/Import permissions This is a new feature that allows you to export Hive Keychain permissions (when you allow a website to perform some signing actions without showing a prompt every time). This feature complements the extension's config export/import which makes it easier to migrate/copy/backup your Hive Keychain config from a computer to another. Feature request by @themarkymark: Pull request: --- **Vote for my witness** [![Support @quochuy Witness.jpg](]( On Hive, Witnesses are playing the important role of providing a performant and safe network for all of us. You have the power to choose 30 trusty witnesses to package transactions and sign the blocks that will go in the Hive blockchain. [Vote for me via HiveSigner]( to support my work for the community.

See: My new contributions to the Hive Condenser, Wallet & Hive Keychain by @quochuy