## Display more than 100 witnesses on the witness page Currently https://wallet.hive.blog/~witnesses only displays the top100 witnesses with a text box that allows you to vote for low ranking witnesses, provided that you know about them. As I was working on some bug on the witnesses page, I noticed that the API allowed me to fetch more than 100 witnesses so I went on and increased the number of witnesses from 100 to 200 which is enough to cover all of our current active witnesses. Increasing the number of witnesses from 100 to 200 also means that we have a lot of disabled/retired witnesses polluting the list. So in order to keep it clean, I've added a rule that filter disabled/retired witnesses off the list if their rank is greater than 100. As a result of this, provided that the code change is approved, the following lower ranked witnesses will appear on the official witness page: Rank 101: @mintrawa Rank 103: @reazuliqbal Rank 105: @fernandosoder Rank 106: @jamzed Rank 107: @dmitrydao Rank 111: @lapingvino Rank 117: @lootkit.witness Rank 118: @hagie Rank 129: @veteranforcrypto Rank 130: @dpoll.witness Rank 134: @elindos Rank 142: @apshamilton Rank 151: @whiterosecoffee Rank 193: @pcste ![Screen Shot 2020-11-26 at 4.10.30 pm.png](https://images.hive.blog/DQmPLe1Qg7msSpA9gCRbPMFrbD62Tdrf8MW7Sd6ucLcMktD/Screen%20Shot%202020-11-26%20at%204.10.30%20pm.png) Merge request: https://gitlab.syncad.com/hive/wallet/-/merge_requests/81 ## Display witness owners on the witnesses page Some users have chosen to have an alternate user accounts for their witnesses to separate regular social activities from witness activities. Some witness accounts were created and managed by more than one user. This code change now display the owner(s) of a witness account. ![Display Hive witness owners](https://gitlab.syncad.com/hive/wallet/uploads/6371d6c52aa8b44c2bffc4152aae9fa6/Screen_Shot_2020-11-19_at_11.05.33_am.png) Merge request: https://gitlab.syncad.com/hive/wallet/-/merge_requests/79 ## Delegating Hive Power to another user from your wallet This change was implemented several months ago but I forgot to announce it although it was announced in one of @blocktrades (Witness) posts. You now can access your [wallet](https://wallet.hive.blog/) and delegate some HP from the drop down menu from your Hive Power. ![Wallet delegate Hive Power](https://images.hive.blog/DQmSaiKUGQRNi1sLAEq1nvjYHRL5xdeGvKPeDZCXnrFDso7/Screen%20Shot%202020-11-26%20at%204.11.48%20pm.png) A list of your current delegatees is also available in your wallet: ![Your delegatees](https://gitlab.syncad.com/hive/wallet/uploads/59615d9cac888bd41c9d22e09f2f708d/Screen_Shot_2020-05-23_at_9.38.21_pm.jpg) If memory serves, this code was created on the Steemit Condenser and I've just ported it for Hive. Merge request: https://gitlab.syncad.com/hive/wallet/-/merge_requests/16 ## Other small changes - Hide the @hivebuzz level banner for user accounts that are recently created and for which a level banner has not been created yet. https://gitlab.syncad.com/hive/condenser/-/merge_requests/160 - Fix the issue where the `witness_description` and `witness_owner` fields were no longer showing in the settings page. https://gitlab.syncad.com/hive/condenser/-/merge_requests/158 --- **Vote for my witness** [![Support @quochuy Witness.jpg](https://images.hive.blog/DQmecYTZemY8SwU6rrg7awhpNRBsehUp7ivk9RGyZsUUpVw/quochuy-hive-witness.jpg)](https://hivesigner.com/sign/account-witness-vote?witness=quochuy&approve=1) On Hive, Witnesses are playing the important role of providing a performant and safe network for all of us. You have the power to choose 30 trusty witnesses to package transactions and sign the blocks that will go in the Hive blockchain. [Vote for me via HiveSigner](https://hivesigner.com/sign/account-witness-vote?witness=quochuy&approve=1) to support my work for the community.

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