# Hive-js Hive-js is the official javascript library for Hive. All the apps previously using Steem-js should use Hive-js instead. Installation: ``` npm install @hiveio/hive-js --save ``` Browser usage: ``` ``` New config option: ``` hive.config.set('alternative_api_endpoints', ['https://api.hive.blog', 'https://anyx.io']); ``` Breaking changes (Only on browsers): The only breaking change is the variable name on the browsers. You must use `hive` instead of `steem` in the browsers to access Hive-js library. Example usage: ``` hive.api.getAccounts(['mahdiyari', 'hiveio'], function(err, result) { console.log(err, result); }); ``` Deprecated method: `hive.formatter.vestToSteem()` is deprecated and will be removed in the future releases. Use `hive.formatter.vestToHive()` instead. ``` var hivePower = hive.formatter.vestToHive(vestingShares, totalVestingShares, totalVestingFundHive); ``` Source code and full documentation: https://gitlab.syncad.com/hive/hive-js Npm package: https://www.npmjs.com/package/@hiveio/hive-js *** # Hive-tx Lightweight and complete JavaScript library for using Hive blockchain in Javascript environments such as Web or NodeJS. Previously introduced as Steem-tx and now fully migrated to Hive. Source code and full documentation: https://github.com/mahdiyari/hive-tx-js Npm package: https://www.npmjs.com/package/hive-tx *** Contribution is more than welcome in all repositories on https://gitlab.syncad.com/hive Development is in the hands of the community.

See: Hive-js & Hive-tx migration to Hive - Breaking changes for browsers! by @mahdiyari