![](https://i.imgur.com/n2nbSXD.jpg) Hey Hivers! After seeing a Tweet from [acidyo ](https://www.peakd.com/@acidyo)that showed that some brand using our logo I just went off and thought it was absolutely bonkers. On top of that, this brand is also using the exact name. Hive. I'm not going to share this Tweet here, to prevent more traffic from going to their website (as [crimsonclad ](https://www.peakd.com/@crimsonclad)mentioned), but this is just unbelievable and unacceptable. Either way, I feel that there is still a lot to do for Hive and we must embrace Web 2, and start registering our Hive name, even if we don't use the accounts, this example shows how important it is to at least lock these names in.

### Wikipedia As I was browsing Wikipedia, I noticed Hive isn't there yet. So, here's where I just went on autopilot and started writing a page for Wikipedia. Usually, I wouldn't do this, because my morale would first want to ask someone for permission. But who do we need to ask for permission if we are writing facts? Besides, we are the chain! And once a Wikipedia page is added, it can be edited by anyone. I also know how hard it is to get Hive on there. But, with our heads together, and some OG's that took part in starting the chain on March 20, 2020. I'm sure we can fact-check our way to Wikipedia. So, please reach out to me, as I will be busy formatting the page, or feel free to make adjustments (and keep an eye on the page) once the page is live, and accepted.

### LET'S GET HIVE ON WIKIPEDIA Currently working on a "declined" draft for Hive, which gives me/us about 6 months to submit a new version of it. 1. Facts 2. No biased tone of voice (the greatest, best, unique, etc.) 3. No political/sides --> neutral only

If I were to think for myself, I'd like to add the following. But if you have better suggestions to add. Do share. Take a look at Bitcoins Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bitcoin <-- this is what we need. Dump any articles you can find about Hive here, and if you have time, do a short non-biased summary.
1. History a. Founding (2020) 2. Design a. Assets b. Accounts c. Nodes d. Transactions 3. Applications 4. Notes 5. References

``` ### History ##### Founding 2020 Hive was founded on March 17, 2020, and launched on March 20, 2020, by a vast community of decentralization proponents. Hive is a hard fork of Steem, developed by Daniel Larimer, and is under further development by the Hive community itself. The announcement of the Hive launch was made on the 17th of March 2020., by the official account of Hive, which was created on the 6th of March 2020
##### Hostile Takeover In 2020, Justin Sun acquired Steemit Inc.[a]. Dan Larimer left Steemit Inc. before the sale, and Ned Scott sold Steemit Inc. for roughly $8 million to Justin Sun. A significant number of stakeholders got their tokens stripped away[3], which happened right after Justin Sun took over the blockchain Steem. This event led to the creation of Hive, a fork of the Steem blockchain, created by a decentralized community.
##### Hard forks ```CTA:Anyone``` HF20: Introduction of Resource Credits (RCs) [6]. RCs are non-transferable credits that accrue to each Hive account based on how much Hive Power (HP) it has. An account spends RC when it transacts on the Hive blockchain. RCs regenerate over 5 days. If an account doesn’t have sufficient credits, the transaction will not be allowed to occur.

### Design
##### Assets The Hive network comes with two classes of cryptocurrency assets named HIVE and Hive Backed Dollars (HBD). Moreover, HIVE exists both in a liquid form (simply called HIVE) and a staked form (called Hive Power). HIVE is the liquid currency of the Hive ecosystem. It may be traded, staked, bought, and sold. Hive Backed Dollars are intended to be pegged to the United States Dollar (USD) at a one-to-one rate. Hive Power (HP), the staked form of HIVE, is vested during a process referred to as a ”power up”. Upon being powered up, ‘’Hive Power’’ can then be entirely or partially un-staked at will, in a process referred to as a ”power down”. Staked HIVE then returns to its liquid form (i.e. HIVE) in equal amounts over 13 weeks period, with a segment delivered every 7 days.
##### Accounts Accounts on the Hive blockchain, are Self-Sovereign-Digital-Identities (SSDI) to provide flexible functionality based on a set of standards-based primitives for building decentralized identity applications in a modular manner. Accounts are also universal and allow instant access to any application that is being built on top of the Hive blockchain.
##### Addresses All Hive accounts are non-fungible tokens that serve as easy to recognize user-handles, and wallet addresses.
##### Nodes **Witness nodes** ```CTA:Anyone``` **Seed nodes** ```CTA:Anyone``` **API nodes** ```CTA:Anyone```
##### Transactions ```CTA:Anyone```

### Applications ```CTA:Anyone``` ```

![image.png](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/rubencress/23tHLr3nGwBoDWs5fdHA7gGAJcNn8g99ZmqkdmRVh95Tz7DhF85noFomEMBxMcwVvq2Xd.png) **Blockchain versus Cryptocurrency** There is a difference between blockchain and cryptocurrency. Due to the records of Wikipedia and comments here that validate that, the chances that just HIVE (or HBD for that matter) is getting listed, will be very slim (which is to be expected). On the other hand, if we talk about _just_ the blockchain, and have less focus on the cryptocurrency (HIVE and HBD) and refer to or just mention built-on-top applications, I think the chances are much higher to get Hive on Wikipedia. **Once you understand that Hive is more than HIVE, Hivepower or HBD** The common mistake many people make is confusing Hive with currency or a social blogging platform. Social Media Platforms have become a big part of our lives, which makes it understandable that Hive is huge as well. What if I told you that a Social Media Platform like Hive.blog (or any other interface), is just only one possibility that we can create on Hive, what would you say? What is Hive? Hive is more or less a, distributed computing project, simplified. A decentralized network that runs validated data, the output of this data is what we’re reading right now, made possible by applications build on top of Hive. Hive is decentralized, but for example, LeoFinance itself is centralized, which is in this case not a bad thing at all. You see, LeoFinance utilizes the Hive blockchain, which shares only validated, and decentralized output data. For example, your LeoFinance blog is readable on Hive.blog, PeakD, Ecency, etcetera. This is a huge difference if we were to talk about HIVE the currency, which is a currency, simplified. ![image.png](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/rubencress/23t7xG4YgVQ3M7kaQNSwTxq4SVBsHysZt4mNsjcS9Xnv5ECtSH9PZMH8fDp1B8q4PE7MJ.png) From this perspective, we basically strip down Hive to the core, and are left with just the things that make Hive, Hive. And here is where we see the magic. And if we can explain this magic, with "backed" 3rd party non-biased, and non-crypto-web-related articles, we should be able to get Hive listed. Oh the irony of Web2...

### Formatting The formatting looks familiar to MarkDown. ![](https://i.imgur.com/gHyzKOx.png)
### Visual ![](https://i.imgur.com/HaEGfRo.png)
### Declined This is way too little information to get accepted on Wikipedia, I wasn't expecting to be reviewed this fast, but it's nice to receive some feedback this fast so I know what to look out for. ![](https://i.imgur.com/qs3H8Jm.png) I've started to write a bit more and thought it would be nice to start from the beginning. If someone knows exactly which block number Hive was loose from Steem, that would be amazing. Couldn't find anything in block #41801981 https://hiveblocks.com/b/41801981, but it's good to see my friend louis88 there. Any information you provide is more than welcome! If you're a (dApp) developer, and you want your full name on here, please let me know as well.

### The Infobox The infobox visually looks like this. Below you will find the format where I can add information. I'd like to add our core-dev team to it under "developers". The current list of Witness nodes is limited to 100 on Hiveblocks.com, out of 100, 13 are inactive, but I have a feeling we have more than 100 (Witness) Nodes running. ![](https://i.imgur.com/0atjCpw.png) ``` {{Infobox distributed computing project | name = Hive | logo = File:Horizontal.svg|thumb|Hive logo | logo_caption = Logo for Hive | author = | developer = Martin Lees, Dan Notestein, Gandalf, Abit, Bartek Wrona, ABW | released = {{Start date and age|2020|03|20|df=yes}} | discontinued = | latest release version = ‘Evolution’ | latest release date = {{Start date and age|2022|10|24|df=yes}} | frequently updated = Yes | latest preview version = | latest preview date = | status = Active | goal = | software = | funding = No VC funding | programming language = [[C++|C++]], [[Python (programming language)|Python]] | operating system = [[Cross-platform software|Cross-platform]] | platform = | size = | language = Multilingual, but primarily English | genre = [[Distributed computing]] | license = [[Open-source license]]s | standard = | as of = | performance = | active users = | total users = | active hosts = 87/100 (2022-09-10){{Cite web |title=Witnesses – hiveblocks.com - The Hive Network & Node Explorer |url=https://hiveblocks.com/witnesses |access-date=2022-11-04 |website=hiveblocks.com}} | total hosts = | website = {{URL|hive.io}} }} {{Infobox cryptocurrency | currency_name = HIVE | image_1 = File:Icon of Hive.svg | image_2 = File:Icon of Hive.svg | alt1 = Icon for HIVE | alt2 = Icon for HIVE-Backed Dollar | image_title_1 = HIVE | image_title_2 = HBD | symbol = | alt_symbol_title_1 = | alt_symbol_1 = | code = | previous_names = | nickname = | precision = | white_paper = https://hive.io/whitepaper.pdf | implementations = | code_repository = https://gitlab.syncad.com/hive | project_fork_of = Steem | developer = | source_model = | block_explorer = https://hiveblocks.com | ledger_start = {{Start date and age|2016|03|24|df=yes}} | split_height = | split_date = | split_from = | split_ratio = | hash_function = | issuance_schedule = | timestamping = | merged_mining_parent = | block_time = 3000 milliseconds | block_reward = | circulating_supply = | supply_limit = | exchange_rate = | market_cap = | using_countries = | footnotes = | catISO4217 = }} ``` **If you know, you know... I don't. If you do: Please fill in the blanks <3** ### REF links Ref links are a BIG thing on Wikipedia, without adding reliable sources -other- than just Hive's mentions etc. it will be a really difficult task to get Hive on Wikipedia. The formatting for reference URLs is as follows: ``` {{Cite web |last=AUTHOR_NAME |date=PUBLISHED_DATE |title=ARTICLE_TITLE |url=LIVE_URL_TO_WEB |access-date=ACCESSED_ON_TODAYS_DATE |website=PARENT_DOMAIN_NAME}} ``` Finding articles about Hive is already a PAIN due to Google's "shadow ban". <-- this is giving even more reason to have a Wikipedia that is capable of storing -all- this these valuable information in articles. Wikipedia is based on facts, not on controllable algorithms like Google. If you'd like to help, make sure to check out that the article is an in-depth article with date and author included.

### This comment section Please, I encourage you to provide factual non-biased information about the Hive blockchain, and if possible, provide an outside source (URL), so I can implement your bit in the wiki page. Use the comment section for this. Also, please check if someone has submitted what you're about to submit (or has already been added by me). My vote isn't worth much, but I'll try to see if I can curate any work you've shared with me.

### Hive LOGO I've added the Hive logo ([roelandp](https://www.peakd.com/@roelandp), it's CC licensed right?) ```https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Icon_of_Hive.svg```, please let me know if this reference is fine or needs to be adjusted. I've also added the HIVE and HBD logo to give more body to the info-boxes. Will need to re-upload for proper licensing. According to RoelandP's [blogpost](https://peakd.com/hive/@roelandp/hello-hive-first-post-hive-becoming-of-the-brand), I believe it is a CC BY-ND-4.0 license (could you please verify this, Roeland?)

### Wiki guru? Hit me up on Discord! Let's make this page real and help me out. All the help is welcome. If you're curious about the draft: [https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Draft:Hive_(blockchain)](https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Draft:Hive_(blockchain)). ALL HELP IS WELCOME! Cheers, Ruben ps; I'll be updating this page as I update the Wikipedia page. pps; I'll be removing tags for updates, dont want to spam.

See: Help with Hive getting added to Wikipedia by @rubencress