New Hivesigner Interface is getting ready for the release. Excited to share details of what we have been working on. We have rewritten and redesigned Hivesigner UI component in Vue + Typescript. Improved user flow, added new pages, combined documentation into single place, added multi language support, optimized for mobile browsing, bugs fixed and much more. Read on to learn more about changes. ![new-hivesigner-interface]( # What's new - New codebase - New design - Better, simplified user flow - Documentation unified - Signer page, you can search common operations and sign quickly - Accounts page improved, view and copy private keys - Dockerized [instances/images]( - Testnet/Mainnet setup for both API and UI components ## Some screenshots ![hivesigner-accounts-import]( ![hivesigner-account-switch]( ![hivesigner-accounts-page]( ![hivesigner-account-details]( ![hivesigner-authorities]( ![hivesigner-documentation-hive]( ![hivesigner-hive-apps]( ![hive-signer]( ![hivesigner-secure-signing]( # Try it out We plan to release new UI into production ( during Hive Hardfork 25 which is scheduled around end of this month. As we continue to add missing elements, any feedback, bug reports are greatly appreciated from you as well as from app developers until release. Help us test it! 🙇 **Staging instances** Mainnet: Testnet: **New source** Code: [Read details of Hivesigner proposal]( ### Support proposals [`Ecency`]( | [`Hivesearcher`]( | [`Hivesigner`](

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