Hivesigner user interface got simplified. Here is the summary of new 0.2.0 release.
# What's new in Hivesigner Hivesigner UI 0.2.0 is full of enhancements you will appreciate everyday, especially dapp developers will love how simplified authenticating a user. New login screens make you even more productive and less confusing. Just login and start using, or just unlock and start using, no more multiple clicks and confusing breadcrumbs. - Simplified login pages - Simplified unlock saved users screen - Oauth2 redirect improved, single page login/approve - Removed electron/desktop app dependencies - Fix CI builds - Add CD for staging and production - Accounts added into footer, keystore replaced with hivesigner to avoid confusions - Other navigation changes and improvements - Browser extension update submitted to Chrome Store. We now have staging environment and improved continuous integration and deployment, as well as stability of the service. Status page and Hive API pages to help developers get started. Home: Staging: Status: Hive API: ## Hive on! 🛡️ #### Support proposal [Vote for Hivesigner proposal]( HiveDao: PeakD: HiveBlog Wallet: Discord: [Github roadmap thread](

See: Hivesigner UI simplified, 0.2.0 release by @good-karma