In this post we would like to update everyone about discontinuation of [SteemConnect]( It has been incredible few years serving all users and dapps on Steem, but now that we have migrated to [Hive]( as [Hivesigner]( It is time to focus our time and effort making [Hivesigner]( the best authentication service, it can be on [Hive]( # Sunset date We are setting a date to **stop [SteemConnect]( services on 1st June, 2020**. We kindly request all Dapp developers to plan and inform their users about changes. # Migration options We will actively be improving [Hivesigner]( and encourage developers to build on [Hive]( But if for some reason you want to stay on [Steem](, please migrate to some other fork of [SteemConnect]( - for example [SteemLogin]( ***We are not in any way connected with any forks, as always do your own research, audit and security of new forks.*** # Hivesigner development For all new developers, visitors, [SteemConnect]( will be redirecting everyone to [Hivesigner]( homepage and help them get started with development on [Hive]( We will be adding FAQ and more detailed documentation on How to integrate [Hivesigner]( to your website, How to authenticate with [Hivesigner extension](, How to sign transactions securely, etc. We have published roadmap and proposal to support continuous development of the project. Please read more [about it here and support our effort]( bringing secure and social authentication to the masses. --- * [Vote for Hivesigner Proposal]( * Github: [ledgerconnect/hivesigner]( * Discord support: * Email: ``

See: SteemConnect notice by @good-karma