My proposal got approved this week, so I've been able to dedicate serious time to documentation. ##### SDK References
See: database_api.list_escrows We already have what amounts to a master list of API methods on the devportal, called API Definitions. It's grouped by namespaces and functionality. You can use this list to figure out what parameters are available for the SDK (software development kit) that you use. From the standpoint of documentation, I'm referring to an SDK as a module, library, or dependency in your project that connects to the API for you. Knowing the methods names and operations doesn't always correlate to the same method in your favorite SDK. So I've added links from the API Definitions that points to a method in the SDK's documentation. In addition to the methods you can call, the API Definitions also list the operations you can execute on the blockchain:
See: vote_operation As you can see, even more tools are available for operations like voting, primarily because the additional tools like hive-keychain and hivesigner.js perform these operations in the browser. Related refs: [00c2fc45](, [45bc486d]( ##### Python Tutorials Previously, I did an audit on the Javascript Tutorials. In the next update, I also have the Python Tutorials fully reviewed. This process takes a while and I'm about one third of the way through, at the moment. #### Tintoy Because we don't have a testnet at the moment, it's important for developers to be able to deploy their own local testnet if they want to try out certain tutorials. Of course, they can always just point their copy of the tutorial to the mainnet. But it's nice to have the option of running a local testnet. I've been maintaining the [testnet setup tutorials]( with that in mind, but if you have docker configured, you can deploy your local testnet using the following command: ```bash docker run -d -P inertia/tintoy:latest ``` As it relates to the devportal, [tintoy]( can be an important tool for exploring Hive capabilities, so I've been maintaining the docker image on an ongoing basis by refreshing the image when there are major changes to `hived`. Big thanks to @someguy123 for providing [hive-docker](, which is key to allowing me to maintain the tintoy docker images. --- If you'd like to vote for my current proposal: [[151]&approve=true]([151]&approve=true) --- Also see:

See: Hive Devportal Update: SDK References, Python Tutorials by @inertia