Short development update on our Ecency Imagehoster instances. Our imagehoster instance got some improvements over last couple months since most of the changes are behind the scenes we didn't publish any update posts. In this post we will briefly talk about some highlights, changes.
Most updates are done when we discover some issues and fix bugs and refresh cache, etc. We made sure our website: is the fastest when it comes to proxying and loading images. Speed comes with size of each page as @good-karma mentioned in one of his posts about [Why website performance matters]( Each page or post body contains at least one image plus author avatar and so optimizing size and quality of that images are important for performance of that page. - We have optimized caching system quite a bit to see what works better. - Avatar serving has less redirection and optimized compression - Seemless support for next generation image formats, webp - Retry and refetch mechanism to make sure on subsequent refreshes image is stored perfectly and served from cache, if object has changed (ETag changes) then make sure cache updates as well to serve up to date information. - Many more code optimizations and image upload changes for Hivesigner logins. - Less broken links for old posts the better it is for website reputation and [user experience, 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience]( So our work continues to bring better, fast, light and complete user experience. Stay tuned, stay excited! Don't forget to share the news with your friends. ### ##### iOS ##### Android
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