![Screenshot from 2022-10-11 14-24-19.png](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/engrave/23sxk3aAxq6Ve6472R4JtADX3mG2owVtFYnz4sqNNWDKsPZHvx43djHdGV5geRF6rFgmF.png) [Hive Ledger Wallet](https://hiveledger.io), the official wallet for those who use Ledger hardware wallets has just been updated with recent changes that follow HF26. **From now on you can delegate Resource Credits.** Deployed version introduces multiple fixes and new features that I will describe in other articles. This is just a notice for those who would like to delegate Resource Credits from their cold storage wallets. *** [Hive Ledger Wallet](https://hiveledger.io) is a new app that supports Hive on Ledger hardware wallets. Never heard about it? Check my previous posts: * [How to use Hive Ledger Wallet](https://peakd.com/engrave/@engrave/how-to-use-hive-ledger-wallet) * [How to create cold storage wallet with Ledger Nano and earn 20% HBD stable coin interest](https://peakd.com/engrave/@engrave/how-to-create-cold-storage-wallet-with-ledger-nano-and-earn-20-hbd-stable-coin-interest) *** Stay safe, and enjoy using Ledger wallet with your Hive account! **Don't forget to support me with your witness vote! Click on the image below:**
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See: Hive Ledger Wallet updated to follow successful Hard Fork 26 by @engrave