## Dev sync listen to this one ## Code freeze rough date (I still have two MR open, one of them I need to fix) We are still trying to reach the july 2022 date, so code freeze is likely going to happen next week unless we hit an unexpected roadblock. ## Hivemind on HAF status The work is ongoing ! It should happen very soon ## liquidity pools for HIVE <-> HBD pairs, feasible ? if yes in L1 or L2 ? Feasible, and would probably be done on L2 with the smart contract solution built on top of HAF ## should we exclude the hbd in the dhf from the virtual supply similar as we did for the debt We are actually not sure if we didn't already do that in the last hard fork, I'll check in the code when I have the time.

See: Hive core dev meeting #39 by @howo