As promised in my normal development update post, below are some early screenshots from the HAF-based block explorer we're creating. It is open-source, so anyone is welcome to use and modify it to their own needs. As you will be able to tell from the screenshots, it is not yet finished, but it is functional (these are screenshots of an actual working prototype) and they should give you an idea of some of the available functionality. The source code is located here: This is the front page (transactions are missing there right now, probably some recent change broke that): ![image.png]( The next two images show what an "account" page looks like (it's kind of long right now so it requires scrolling to see everything on that page): ![image.png]( ![image.png]( Here's an "expanded view" of an operation displaying it in "json" view and "detail" view: ![image.png]( These are some of the options for filtering account operations: ![image.png]( The first dropdown control allows selecting which operations to filter on, the 2nd allows showing or not showing virtual operations, and you can filter over a range of time. All filters can be applied together. This is the "witness" page, it's also undergoing a lot of work presently: ![image.png]( The "block" and "transaction" views are broken on the instance that these screenshots were taken from (the devs are actively working on this system), so I'll save those for a later post.

See: Some screenshots from new HAF-based block explorer by @blocktrades