Agenda: #### Dev sync I suggest you listen to this one #### Hivemind + hived open merge request review status is reviewed and merged ! going to be reviewed later after a rebase, has some tests failing, I'll review that. #### Hivemind on HAF status postponed to next meeting #### More dev documentation (building, running, executing tests) from blocktrades (it's hard to follow when you're not in the company and not everyone is okay digging through CI scripts to figure things out + some things can't be run outside of the CI env, so scripts have to be modified). @blocktrades agrees and they are going to be working with us. #### From @arcange, block size question: ``` I see more and more discussions about increasing the block size. Are we stuck with a multiple of 64k or can the size of these be anything? Would it for example be possible and useful to currently increase the size to 96k? Would an increase in block size automatically inflate the size of the blockchain faster even with sparsely filled blocks? ``` The tl;dr is, the blocks aren't really full yet, so this is not that important right #### Extra talks There was some more discussions about the hive lighting bridge and discussions and how to use HAF. thanks for reading ! If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments. @howo ![](
You can vote for our witness directly using Hivesigner here.

See: Hive core dev meeting #38 by @howo