## Agenda ## Dev sync it's best to listen to this one. One interesting tidbit is that I'm going to hire another dev to help me. It's not set in stone yet as I'll see how that goes but hopefully this should allow to speed up hivemind development while allowing me to focus some time on hived. ## @gtg wrote a lot of cli_wallet issues, are they open for anyone ? No, @blocktrades and team are working a lot on the cli_wallet ## Rc api kind of confusing, too late to change ? Some talks here and there about the api and how another dev found the api super confusing ( due to internal optimizations. I'm going to do an update to make the inner workings more intuitive to devs ## Testnet sync Mirrornet is going smoothly, some performance issues were found, soon bt and team will spin another upgraded version. thanks for reading ! If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments. @howo ![](
You can vote for our witness directly using Hivesigner here.

See: Core dev meeting #37 by @howo