A special edition where I use my camera ! # Dev sync It's best to listen to this one. ## progressive lockup period for HBD (with variable rates, say 10% = 3 days, 20% = 30 days etc) ? It's an interesting concept, which could allow us to offer better stabilities to people who stake, where you lock for x amount of time and you're guaranteed to have the same rate for the entire duration. The higher the lockup the better. @gtg pointed out that it's best to keep it as simple as possible, which I agree, should we create this, it would be either 3 days or something else (like a year) lockup. ### We could try to make this generalized to apply the same to have variable HP lockups After some discussions, we agreed it was best to not mess with HP for now. ## Rosetta api (is anyone working on it or is it up for grabs ?) I wanted to know if anyone was working on it right now or if it was still available, so no one is currently on it, I don't intend to build it yet, I believe communities improvements is more important for now. I'll work on it later on. ## hivemind flow.txt inaccurate (see this: [comment]( because it's made by hand, should we remove it altogether or expand the parser POC that I made ? It's a bunch of technical discussions, I will work on some tooling to automate some of the documentation generation. ## There was some discussions about renaming HBD to something more explicit like USDH etc We could do it but it's a major undertaking for not a lot of benefits, we believe it's best to not do it unless there is a really really strong push for it. And this is it for this meeting, have a good one. @howo ![](
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See: Core dev meeting #36 by @howo