It's been two years since, on March 20, 2020, our community decided to take its destiny into its own hands and move away from the ~~Steem blockchain~~ centralized database whose name shall not be said anymore. Two years later, we can confidently say that it was the right choice. Our blockchain and its community have never been so active. The values that are so important to us, such as decentralization, freedom of expression and being free from censorship, have been the fuel of our movement. The number of blockchain users has exploded thanks to the success of Splinterlands. Developments, both at the blockchain core level and at the applications level have continued without interruption and every week we see new projects appear. New front-ends, new apps, new services, ... our community is buzzing like crazy! Our blockchain is a revolutionary combination of technical, financial and social aspects. Many enthusiasts have joined the adventure: developers, bloggers, investors ... Some have joined us recently but others have been there from the start, and they are still here. We have many good reasons to celebrate our success today. I am delighted to be part of this community, to participate in its development and to share with you all, early adopters and pioneers who are still with us, newcomers who join us to discover and share this experience, those values that are so important to me. #
I wish you all a Happy Forkday!
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