Meeting points: ### Dev sync Lots of discussions here and there, it's best for you to listen to this directly ### hf26 testnet (probably gonna be done as a segue of the dev sync) We are very close, @gtg is finalizing the changes, we should have a first version ready this week. ### hivemind is_muted overhaul Right now we use is_greyed and is_hidden for different causes and let the front end kind of make what they want of it and figure out why the post is in this state is would be nice to have either "muted" bools, or a "is_muted" and a "reason" field We discussed a few different problems and solutions, I think we'll end up with an extra column in hivemind to indicate the reason why a post is muted or not. And change the api calls to return that information. On top of it we'll probably add a parameter for all posts to return muted posts or not, which would improve performance a decent chunk. @howo ![](
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See: Core dev meeting #35 by @howo