A very short meeting this time. We didn't have much to sync on, but I had a bunch of hivemind questions that would have been faster answered by voice. Most of the content is in the dev sync where @blocktrades and I shared our updates. If you have been starved for communities updates I talk a bit about what I'm working on and how far I am. Basically I have a first prototype that enables new types of communities, one where you have to be a member to post but anyone can comment, another one where you have to be a member to post and comment. This should allow some communities to emerge where the content is curated (so high quality) or communities that are paid to participate etc. Once I start adding more layers on top of it like "in order to be a member you need to enable a recurrent transfer" or "in order for your post to be visible you need to set x beneficiaries to y". We should see a lot of pretty interesting use cases ! @howo ![](
You can vote for our witness directly using Hivesigner here.

See: Core dev meeting #34 by @howo