Short meeting this time but a decent amount of updates from @howo and @blocktrades meeting tl;dr: # Dev sync Listen to that one # Testnet setup @gtg is still tweaking the mirror testnet, @imwatsi has a local testnet running for HAF, we are aiming aggressively (read: will probably slip) for end of march for hf26, so we have some time before we can run tests. As soon as the mirror testnet is live I'll create a guide on how to play with rc delegations, meanwhile I'll update the various libraries to work with it. # Transferable claimed account tokens with costs Some back and forth here, basically blocktrades is against the feature altogether, the idea is that if we make them transferrable at a cost to burn hive, might as well burn hive by creating accounts. Feature is on hold unless the community really pushes to have it. # Additionnal topics here and there. @arcange wished for a new option when creating accounts to set the recovery account while it's created, I created an issue on gitlab and will tackle it for hf27 Have a nice week :) @howo

See: Hive core dev meeting #33 by @howo