Quite a short meeting this time ! # Meeting tl;dr: ## Dev sync It's better to listen to that one ## rosetta api (who, how) If you're not familiar with it coinbase requires every blockchain to provide them with a specific api implementation defined here for them to list the token. @blocktrades' team will take a look in the following days on what it would take to implement it as a hived plugin. ## Update the unit testing vest to TESTS ratio It makes it hard to build unit tests and be sure about the results when comparing such high numbers, and they are so far from reality that the testing doesn't really reflect the real world. Overall we'll look into it but it's on a longer time frame. for now the focus is on hf26 ## Restore witness automatic deactivation when missing blocks Why not, but we want to improve on the existing logic and we don't have the bandwidth to do it for hf26.

See: Hive core dev meeting #31 by @howo