The meeting points for this meeting: # Dev sync Listen to that one # Lots of extra discussions regarding RC delegations We covered: - How we should handle vesting withdrawal and overall virtual ops affecting rc delegations - Performance impacts of rc delegations (some extra discussions around indexes) - Posting vs Active authority - Two rc delegations op (batch and single) vs only one batch - Other smaller things # recurrent transfers on hivemind We only discussed this shortly, so we'll probably talk about this some more later, but the discussion revolved around putting it on HAF instead of hivemind. # from @rishi556: Thoughts on changing communities so owner role can't be changed. He/She made a merge request here: Overall we dicussed it and figured it was a good idea to add this change. # from @nicniezgrublem : Allow multiple changes of owner authority per hour Issue: BT and team hasn't had the time to look into it yet. But overall the sentiment is that we are not opposed to the change assuming it doesn't pose any issues. @howo

See: Hive core dev meeting #29 by @howo