This meeting was pushed back a few times because most of the team was in the middle of developments or busy improving the api nodes/gitlab so there weren't much to sync on. Meeting points: # Dev sync It's better to listen to this one. # Rc delegations and potential performance hog RC delegations, is now pushed and ready to be reviewed by blocktrade's team. Should this review be positive, I'll probably spin up a small testnet for everyone to play with it. There is one thing regarding rc delegations (that was also present in the RC pools implementation) that can be worrysome, we discuss some of the potential solutions to it. But we didn't go too much in depth as blocktrades team didn't see the code yet so it's hard for them to truly discuss the solutions. # HAF progress and communities migration to it (some expected times + is it worth to wait for the migration to do some developments on it) I working on communities after rc delegations, so since there was a plan to migrate hivemind to HAF, and as per this comment by @blocktrades: ``` In my opinion, it would be a mistake to start this work [work on communities] before we complete HAF work. The next step in hivemind's evolution is to port it to HAF. After that, it should be no big deal for someone to enhance communities further. ``` I wanted to confirm the best way forward, ultimately after discussing we decided that porting hivemind onto HAF would not be a blocker to some development on communities right now. # Gitlab issues The gitlab instance where most of the code, issues etc suffered a failure and all the backups also failed, so we didn't lose code but some of the metadata (issues/merge requests/comments) from may to august were lost. If you submitted something in that timespan, make sure to resubmit it.

See: Hive core developer meeting #27 by @howo