If you're listening to the whole thing, please post timestamps as a comment, the first one to do so (and correctly) will get a 100% upvote from me :) meeting points: # Dev sync: Listen to that one # direct rc delegations: Work is well underway on my end, I basically talk about what I said last week there: I fixed the api problem and now am building automated test cases. It's going to take a little while # VOP for hive -> DHF conversion: I'll do it. it's a change with little to no impact on performance. It's an issue today because if you send hive to the dhf then there is nothing that's stored in the blockchchain to tell future users how much hbd we got out. And with the rise of hbdstablizer by @smooth, for a lot # VOP for proposals creation containing the ID hive It's an issue because if you parse the blockchain you can't get the id of a proposal after it was created unless you actively call an api call, which doesn't scale. Same it's something with little impact on performance that I'll tackle. # cli_wallet command history persistence (commands are saved when quitting and restarting the program) Something that I will tackle sooner or later, it's mostly for power users where it's annoying to lose your progress once you close cli_wallet. # plans for hf26 ? I figured we would throw some ideas around and talk about them, like dynamic rc costs, automated actions, NAI etc. There are a bunch of talks in there. Keep in mind nothing is final it's mostly thoughts we had on things we'd like to see for hf26. But hf26 is very far away so everything might change, or be rejected by the community. I heavily encourage your to listen to that one, but basically there a few ideas thrown around improving hive as a core like peer to peer connectivity (block sync) and the forking logic, dynamic rcs costs (a small post should cost less rc than a big post) etc As for some of the more "controversial"/ things that people notice changes: Discussions about accelerated power down time for a fee (@theycallmedan talked about it in length on how we could implement this) less than 10 votes a day (maybe 5), basically allow 200% votes. Use NAI for assets Then there was a bunch of questions from @arcange that I encourage you to listen to because we jump from subject to subject. Cheers, @howo

See: Hive core developer meeting #26 by @howo