![image.png](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/howo/AJeaeqp3EAX2QSK997FwxcZdJuACo817654t7riwiGf3aSNSLCLRwP5yGvpwrcb.png) Hey, I usually do my reports via voice during the hive developers meeting, but due to some vacations here and there and rush with hard fork 25, we decided to postpone it a few times so I figured I'd make an update about my progress via text. Nowadays I am working on direct rc delegations, if you didn't follow, the initial implementation was judged too complex and there was a fear that this complexity could hide bug in the edge cases. Plus it makes it less user friendly. So I made a new specification here https://gitlab.syncad.com/hive/hive/-/issues/152. And now I'm implementing it, work is in progress on that branch https://gitlab.syncad.com/hive/hive/-/tree/feature/direct_rc_delegations The core core is done, you can delegate rc, update an existing delegation, delete a delegation and rc delegations are taken into account when calculating rc. I have also added some api endpoint so that when you call find_rc_account and list_rc_account the amount of RC received/delegated is reflected there. I also added an endpoint to fetch direct rc delegations but I'm having some issues with the indexes (it induces a uniqueness constraint in the blockchain which is a problem because then if you want to delegate to one person and then another person you end up with a conflict because "from" is unique). I've also included everything above in the cli_wallet for easy use. I'll update hive-js later on too so that most dapps will be able to play with it. Apart from that I need to handle the edge cases where you lose RC (you delegated all your rc but then you power downs so you can no longer sustain those delegations) and write a mountain of automated tests. Once that's done, I'll go through a bunch of reviews with @blocktrades' team (which I'm assuming won't happen until a few weeks as some of the core team is in vacations). Then we'll launch a testnet (or update the ongoing testnet, that part is unclear) so that some of the power users/ dapp users can test it out. @howo

See: Core development report #12: Good progress on direct rc delegations by @howo