Hi, This meeting was very focused on the testnet and it's operation and what was needed, if you are reading this and are a dapp creator, please test your app against the new testnet, or even better create a testnet version of your app, this testnet will keep on running after testing is over and if you are missing a tool to deploy your app, please tell us which. meeting tl;dr: ### Dev sync you should listen to that part ### Dynamic RC costs We discussed a few solutions we have in mind to make RC costs more in line with the actual cost of an operation on the chain ### vop for instant hbd conversion when transferring hive to the dhf Not discussed, postponed to a later meeting. ### support for new consensus changes in related libraries, who's down to do it ? I volunteered to do it in hive-js, we need to speak with other maintainers to see who will do what. ### How is the public testing going for the account expiration due to lack of governance activity ? We realized the expiration was set to 20 days which is too much time, so we will soon update the testnet with a new version that includes some fixes and lowers it. ### have front ends been updated to include notifications about account expiration or at least presenting the expiration date ? So far, no. ### What about testing recurrent transfer/proposal update publicly ? Best by using 3rd party libraries wrapping direct blockchain operations That has been tested on my own testnets, but not on that testnet, I'm gonna run some tests on it later this week ### We did internally test creating max. number of recurrent transfers for 10% accounts: 120000*255. Results show dramatic memory allocation (under investigation). Changes are here: We talked a bunch on this, the expected memory consumption was 8gb but ended up being 40 gb, we are not sure what is causing it but it could be that it's the nature of the testing environment that caused it and it wouldn't be reproduced in the real world, we are still investigating that part. ### Anyone [outside of Blocktrades group] tested new HBD conversion operation ? No ### Anyone [outside of Blocktrades group] tested/analyzed new author/curator rewarding ? No ^ on these last discussion points, there are a bunch of discussions on the gitlab issue that you can read here: Have a nice day @howo

See: Hive core developer meeting #24 by @howo