If you're listening to the whole thing, please post timestamps as a comment, the first one to do so (and correctly) will get a 100% upvote from me :) meeting points: ### Dev sync: as usual listen to this part ### testnet-based testing (involvement of Hive apps as testers) We are finally done with all the changes and expect to code freeze and launch the final testnet by wednesday ### API v2, coinbase's rosetta api as a new api plugin or as a separate service ? ( Some discussion regarding whether we should implement this as a plugin in hived or as a wrapper around it, we are leaning towards a wrapper service. ### Big feature contribution process for independent devs (review an Hive improvement proposal before starting to code, assess performance impacts etc, goal being to reduce re-doing the work and reduce the amount of review I proposed a format where devs write a hive improvement proposal with specs (similar to this: before starting to work in order to reduce the amount of back and forth and fixes needed when for instance the spec is not fully agreed upon at the beginning. the conversation then derives into basically how we would need to get a "how to contribute" guide with the expectations in regards to the tests, the performance etc. ### Direct RC delegation spec (hive#152) and RC pools or maybe a mix of the two: We have decided to implement direct RC delegations using a posting auth, if you don't know what I'm talking about you can get more infos in this post: ### from @arcange some discussions on the implementation on the api v2 Quite a few discussions but ultimately it's deemed too early to work on it. It's something that will have to wait 1/2 months when we are past hf25.

See: Hive core developer meeting #23 by @howo