Timestamps 0:00 - Intro Slide 4:48 - Meeting Starts / Dev Updates 10:45 - Owner's Key Discussion -- Does Key Do Too Much? 12:00 - What about the master password? 14:20 - Account Recovery Settings 15:40 - Beem Mirror 22:40 - Python Unit Tests vs. Node Unit Tests 27:08 - RC Delegations on Hard Fork 25 30:20 - Miscellaneous End Talk If you're listening to the whole thing, please post timestamps as a comment, the first one to do so (and correctly) will get a 100% upvote from me :) meeting tl;dr: ## Dev sync as usual it's better to listen to this part ## Limiting owner key's role to only changing keys The owner key can basically do everything, that's a problem because it really only should be used for updating the other keys, we are thinking to drastically reduce it's capabilities in hf26 so that you can only use the owner key/authority to update your keys. It's basically security by design, if you can't use your owner key, there are less chances of you losing your owner key because you entered it on the wrong website. Then the discussion went on the master password which can be used to derive all the other keys, which is obviously an even bigger security risk. We are thinking of just removing the capacity from libraries to generate keys from a master password so that front ends won't feel enclined to offer a "login with a master password" feature. But there are UX tradeoff where now the user has to juggle with multiple keys, although that's less relevant now that we have great key management systems in place like keychain. ## set_reset_account_operation doesn't prevent you from setting yourself as a recovery account Response from @gtg: "it's a feature not a bug" 😄 basically setting yourself as a recovery disables the recovery (which is intended) and you can't set @null because then witnesses would still be able to recover your account. ## beem mirror @holger80 will be happy, this whole discussion is about how we are mirroring the github beem instead of using our own version. There are still a few things the @blocktrades team need to do but we should soon have a great setup. ## python unit tests vs node unit tests I recommend that you listen to this one, it's hard to summarize (and not that interesting) ## Rc delegations on hf25 It's still a question mark whether we include it in hf25 or not. I will test it for a week with others (@good-karma has shown interest). And we will then see if it's stable enough to be included or not. # Support what I'm doing If you like what I'm doing, please consider voting on my new proposal: [hivesigner](

See: Hive core developer meeting #20 by @howo