meeting tl;dr: ## Dev sync As usual listen to this one is better ## hived proposal payout maintenance time drifting fix in hf25 or not [hive!168]( Lots of discussion on this one that branched into two problems, one is the proposal time drift issue, the other is about the unit tests behaving strangely due to the skipping logic. The output of that point is that I will try to fix it for hf25 and see how the unit tests go, but if I see that it takes too much time, I'll skip it and we'll fix it for hf26. It's a minor issue. ## Incoming recurrent transfer api: hived or hivemind ? Broader discussion on should hivemind support recurrent transfers Incoming recurrent transfers will be done via hivemind, and yes hivemind will support them, we will do it after hf25 has shipped though. ## Update the beem used for unit tests in hived to one that is more up to date: Relatively short discussion, and since @holger80 implemented the hybrid transactions in the mainline github, we'll move towards using the version on github instead of gitlab. ## Hived split block log in chunks and be able to sync those independently There was lots of discussions on this in the dev channels. It's not the focus right now as hf25 is upon us, there was some discussions on using external tools instead of implementing it directly within hived. To be rediscussed. ## Hivemind Communities type 2/3 and account level mutes [hivemind#125]( / [hivemind#145]( Bt's team is building tests, we'll then then who takes this on, potentially bt's team as I'll be tied to hived ## Hivemind communities beneficiaries support [hivemind#149]( +parameter naming: reward_share vs beneficiaries We also discussed changing the data type of the communities data from text to jsonb ( Basically we'll use beneficiaries and the current implementations ideas are a bit early, we(I) are waiting for the changes to take place in communities type 2/3 + account level mutes to take place before taking this on. ## Hivemind Communities metadata (topics/tags) [hivemind#148]( Yes why not, we'll add a new field to store a few "communities tags" and a new api to search for communities via said tags. The idea is to be able to tag a community like "crypto nft games" or "sport tennis" etc to make content discovery easier ## Adding more stats for communities A bit early to tell what we'll add but I'll definitely look into adding more stats and ways to sort communities with it. # Conclusion In the end lots of hivemind talks but those are mostly preliminary, our focus is hf25 we are tentatively(this is not an official date or anything, it's more like an "ideally we would like it to be done by but might slip if needs be") looking at april 15 for locking the core code and build a testnet for hf25. This is when all the features for hf25 are set in stone and we stop adding new features to the core code. So all developments HAVE to be done by then. This is why I'll be mostly focusing on hive core for the next month to get all of my ongoing code merged and included in hf25. See you around for the next dev meeting on march 29th :) @howo

See: Hive core developer meeting #19 by @howo