Below is a brief list of Hive-related programming issues worked on by BlockTrades team during last week or so: # Hived work (blockchain node software) ## SQL account history plugin for hived We made some fixes to the SQL account history plugin to enable proper operation with hivemind sync process: We still have one fix to avoid a potential foreign key violation during live sync (probably will be finished tomorrow). ## HF25 changes (these are described in detail in our [Hive roadmap post]( We made some fixes and improvements to the code that handles expiration of governance votes (votes for witnesses and Hive Fund proposals): We started work on voting window changes for HF25. We expect to finish implementation tomorrow, then we can begin testing. ## Miscellaneous hived changes We made a fix related to removal of expired Hive Fund proposals: We finished review of @howo merge requests. Two have been merged to develop and one is still under review: We also fixed an intermittent issue with hived shutdown: We added some virtual ops to report various changes in state (mainly accounting-related) that weren’t previously reported: Some changes to cleanup compile process: Fix for proper testnet operation: # Hivemind (2nd layer applications + social media middleware) Fixed a problem in master branch that caused issues when upgrading an existing hivemind database: Fixed an issue with git version reporting: Added a comand-line option to log the time required for hive server to process API requests: Some new tests for bridge API calls: # Postgres extension for fork handling for Modular hivemind One of the key challenges for modular hivemind (the upcoming 2nd layer application framework) is automated support of fork handling. Automated fork-handling will simplify design of 2nd layer apps so that they don't need to worry about fork-handling logic. Currently we’re experimenting with the use of a C-based postgres extension to help accomplish this task (we’re referring to this as the SQL change-audit extension). Last week we tested the prototype’s ability to recover the original state of an updated record in the database. Below are links to where this work is going on in the repo:

See: 7th update of 2021 on BlockTrades work on Hive software by @blocktrades