meeting tl;dr: dev sync: as usual listen to it ## Recurrent transfers testing (wait for automated actions or not) We agreed to ship recurrent transfers without automated actions and then we'll update it when we enable automated actions. ## Cutoff amount logic (total paid, need to fill it retroactively) this is an issue to enable it for pre hf25 proposals because we don't know how much money was already paid out, to do so, we'd have to iterate through literally millions of blocks / transactions which is sure to cause a huge cpu load when going from hf24 to hf25 which is already a moment that's stressful enough. We decided to simply not enable it for proposals that are older than a certain date (the hf25 date obviously). ## Rounding issue with proposal payments (is 0.0015 0.002 or 0.001 ?) to be discussed more offline to figure out what to do and why we designed it that way in the first place. ## Hivemind testing guide I'll try to produce one once I'm up to speed with how to setup an environement :) This was a relatively short one (half an hour) but the tl;dr doesn't do it justice there is a lot of between the lines stuff so you should definitely listen in.

See: Hive core developer meeting #18 by @howo